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We're the "Odd Lots" of Musical Instrument Accessories

Ronald Meyer

As I have said before, Starving Students Music Supplies is always looking for deals.  I combine the closeout, overstocked, and deep discounts lists of many different supplies.  That is why Starving Students is the "Odd Lots" of musical accessories, always buying and selling at great prices:

Below is an example of a recent purchase:

Schilke Trombone 50C4 small shank

Schilke Trombone (Euphonium/Baritone) 50C4 large shank

Revelation Ergo Sax Strap, TENOR/BARI Metal Hook

Fender Smart Capo Electric Guitar Strap - Classical

Fender Smart Capo Electric Guitar Strap - Fingerstyle

Lomax Prelude Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

Maestro Battery Powered LED Music Stand Light

N-Tune Onboard Guitar Tuner - Single Coil

N-Tune Onboard Guitar Tuner - Humbucker

A diverse group of products but they have one thing in common; they are all at great prices.  Check 'em out.


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