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GENERIC Trumpet Mouthpiece - 5C

GENERIC Trumpet Mouthpiece - 5C

$ 10.99

GENERIC Trumpet Mouthpiece - 5C   Description SILVER PLATED Trumpet MouthpieceThis silver plated trumpet mouthpiece is a 5C. The trumpet mouthpiece is a 5C and is a copy of a Bach mouthpiece The 5C has a slightly larger diameter. The impact on a player depends on how long you've been playing and how good you are. If you are a beginner, the difference will be zero. If you are VERY good, the difference will still be very slight with the 5C being a little more comfortable and giving you a slightly bigger sound. .aucCounter a { text-decoration:none; }.aucCounter span:hover { text-decoration:underline; }.aucHiddenCounter { display:none; }.aucCounterOrangeText { color:#FB6D05; font-family:Arial; Font-size:13px; Font-weight:bold; }.aucCounterBlueText { color:#0068ac; Font-family:Arial; Font-size:11px; } Track Page Views WithAuctiva's FREE Counter

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