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Curved Soprano Saxophone Key Clamp

Curved Soprano Saxophone Key Clamp

$ 32.97

The Hollywoodwinds Saxophone Key Clamps helps keep the pads seated and in adjustment. These clamps are great for traveling from location to location and will help reduce the number of times the saxophonist will need to visit the repair shop. The Key Clamps have an extended rubber piece that covers for the spring steel to prevent damage to the saxophone, provides a better fit and is easier to place on the saxophone.. It is also less likely that the rubber will come off the clamps. How to place the key clamps on the saxophone: always place the clamp on the keys first and bring the clamp around the instrument. This will make it easier to place the clamp on the keys and keep the key clamps in adjustment. All saxophones are different and will require that the key clamps be set for that instrument. The old Conn is much bigger than the modern saxophones. The Conn is also an inline instrument and most modern instruments are offset. Once the clamps are set for your instrument they will generally stay set. If you have a pad changed that is not the same size as the old ones the clamps may need to be set again.

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