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FAXX Giardinelli Style French Horn Mouthpiece (C8 Cup)

FAXX Giardinelli Style French Horn Mouthpiece (C8 Cup)

$ 35.97

FAXX Brass mouthpieces are CNC Machine manufactured to be highly accessible and consistent replicas of popular models and cup sizes, bringing fantastic quality into a price range any player can afford!This series is modeled after the famous Giardinelli French horn mouthpiece line. For French horn, the C series mouthpieces are far-and-away the favorites. The C1 has a deep, gently curved cup with a large bore and thin rim. It is very comfortable for many players and delivers a powerful sound. The C6, C8, and C10s are the same as the C1 except for gradually smaller bores for greater resistance and less effort in tone support. C12 is also popular. They have shallower cups and are most often used for high F horns.FAXX Giardinelli style mouthpieces are machined with modern CNC lathes that create absolutely smooth surfaces, even when examined under a microscope. Then they are double-plated with a high quality and very pure nickel silver by means of a special process. The result is a plated surface that is extremely smooth and durable. It isn't abrasive to the lips and won't wear through in a lifetime no matter how much you play.All this adds up to mouthpieces that are easy to play on, deliver a superior tone, and are easily afforable to any player that is ready to step up the quality without stepping up the price!
  • Easy and comfortable to play on
  • Nickel Silver plated
  • CNC lathes for durable, non-abrasive surface
  • Great for any level player
  • Delivers excellent tone quality

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