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Fibracell Medium Soft Tenor Saxophone Reed (Tenor Sax, Soft)

Fibracell Medium Soft Tenor Saxophone Reed (Tenor Sax, Soft)

$ 26.97

Why does Fibracell sound so good? Because it s not plastic and it s not cane. It s the most highly developed composite structure ever engineered for woodwinds! FIBRACELL is manufactured to exacting production standards and is precisely machined and trimmed for a consistently perfect shape. New State-of-the-Art cutting and grading techniques now allow availability in the original 5 strength, and even more specific FIBRACELL Premier 10 strength reeds, in order to fill the need of a wider range of players.The same woody tone as cane but with better sound projection. A reed that is great for doublers because it does not require soaking. A reed that is playable in all weather conditions, not affected by heat or humidity. A reed that doesn t swell, warp or soften when wet. A reed that lasts up to six times longer than cane with no unplayable reeds, making it less expensive to use than cane. Quick response for better articulation, excellent pitch stability and intonation in all ranges, even for the clarinet. Brilliant overtones for a full, vibrant, resonant tone. A reed with the same weight and stiffness as cane cane floats and so does Fibracell (try that with a plastic reed!) A reed that keeps its shape and retains resiliency longer than cane. Outstanding durability, due to a bonded film on the bottom that helps resist tip splitting.
  • Better Protection than cane reeds
  • Requires no soaking
  • Will not warp or soften
  • Lasts up to six times longer than traditional reeds
  • Same weight and stiffness as cane reeds

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