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GHS Strings Americana Series Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light (.012.054) (S425)

GHS Strings Americana Series Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light (.012.054) (S425)

$ 17.42

Ghs Americana Series addresses four elements crucial to producing the world's first series of strings directed to the needs of players performing within this exciting genre of contemporary music. Ghs roots go back decades as one of the premier string manufactures with an abundance of knowledge In string design that incorporates innovation into materials selection and string construction, while utilizing preferred gauging based on many years of input from our GHS artist family. Add in cryogenic treatment To extend the life and enhance the tone for a series of strings that will have acoustic bluegrass players, country, blues, R&D and roots-rock performers embracing the GHS Americana Series of strings. Each single string is sealed in a nitrogen environment, eliminating all oxygen, in a tear-resistant Nitro-Pack package. Whether you use one string or the whole set. About GHS Strings - GHS Strings are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, climate controlled facility using precision equipment and only the purest of materials. The air-tight Fresh Pack locks in factory freshness that endures the test of time and locks out corrosion. When you buy GHS Strings you get quality, consistency, lasting intonation and superbly harmonious sound! GHS Strings - The String Specialists since 1964.
  • Model: S425
  • Cryogenically treated Copper-Tin-Phosphor Alloy on a Hex Core
  • Extended life and Enhanced tone
  • Light Gauge: 012-016-024-032-042-054

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