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Kolstein Ultra Formulation Supreme Bass Rosin Soft KR-013 Low Powdering and Smooth, Easy Bowing Rosins, Resin

Kolstein Ultra Formulation Supreme Bass Rosin Soft KR-013 Low Powdering and Smooth, Easy Bowing Rosins, Resin

$ 18.95

Ultra Formulation Supreme Bass Rosin Soft. Kolstein Rosins are specifically formulated for the upright bass, offering strong, even adherence, long lasting power, and extremely low powdering. It has an indefinite shelf life made possible by a continual wetting agent in the formula which prevents crystallization, permitting easier application and minimum powdering while playing, and also prevents the rosin from drying out with age. A History of Kolstein Rosins Upon analyzing the rosin situation of the modern day violinist, violist, cellist and bassist, it became apparent that the need for a consistent rosin specifically formulated for each instrument was greatly needed. Prior to the development of Kolstein's Formulation Supreme Rosins, rosin was generically made for all instruments with players being forced to use rosins which were not formulated with the individual instrument's requirements. For that matter, the violin, viola, and cello players were using identical cakes of rosin. Kolstein's Formulation Supreme Bass Rosin has corrected this problem. Through much tedious research and experimentation, the results has produced the Kolstein Rosins specifically formulated for the standup bass and for individual players needs. For the bassist, there is an option of hard, all weather or soft grade to accommodate personal needs. In producing the Kolstein Bass Rosin line, the most stringent product control exists, entailing: exact measurement of the finest ingredients in strict accordance with the developed Kolstein formulas. pouring into silicon molds to ensure uniform hardening and avoid thermal cracking. adhering to a required minimum curing period for predetermined time. Packaging design for Kolstein's Formulation Supreme Rosin has been created with the musician's convenience in mind. The Kolstein Bass Rosin has just gone through a most impressive redesign in packaging. It now is contained in a roll-down silicon cup, allowing the bassist to easily roll down the cup to ...
  • Soft or hard grade and a Bass Duo-Pac which contains half moons of hard and soft bass rosin in one container
  • Kolstein Ultra Formulation Supreme Bass Rosin

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