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Neotech Pad Straps, Black (3101032) Accordion Accessory

Neotech Pad Straps, Black (3101032) Accordion Accessory

$ 36.97

The pad-it Accordion straps offer a simple yet elegant strap that is sure to be a hit! The shoulder pads are made with an anti-microbial memory foam that conforms to the shoulders for a comfortable fit that makes even heavy instruments a breeze to wear. The pads also help to wick moisture away for additional comfort. The straps connect to the instrument with our unique loop connection system for added security. The lengths of the pad-it Accordion straps adjust quickly and easily. Simply grasp the loose end of the strap and pull straight down to shorten the strap. The hardware instantly locks the strap in place. To lengthen the strap, simply place a single finger beneath the locking connector and lift it to a horizontal position and pull out the strap as needed. Releasing the locking connector secures the strap again.
  • Set of two shoulder straps Fits most accordions
  • Antimicrobial memory foam shoulder pads wick away moisture for added comfort during long performances
  • Easy to attach with durable nylon webbing Loop connectors
  • Made in the USA

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