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Neotech Tux Saxophone Strap (2201182)

Neotech Tux Saxophone Strap (2201182)

$ 19.47

The Tux Strap offers comfort and support in a "stealth" design (1.3"/3,3cm wide) that can be easily hidden under a suit while performing. The custom two-finger slide adjusts easily yet offers a unique locking system to hold the perfect playing position. The internal control-stretch system incorporated in the neoprene pad offers added support and relief to the neck and shoulders. Give the Tux Strap a try!The Tux Strap is available in three sizes:

Junior: 14"–17.5" (35,6cm–44,5cm)

Regular: 15.5"–20" (39,4cm–50,8cm)

X-Long: 18"–26" (45,7cm–66cm)
  • Sleek neck strap fits Alto and tenor sax, clarinet, English horn, bassoon, and oboe using our unique plastic-covered metal hook; easily hides under a suit
  • Streamlined internal-control stretch design maintains weight reduction comfort
  • Unique adjustable cord slide locks easily in place to hold the perfect position
  • Fully adjustable 14" 17. 5" (35, 6cm 44, 5cm)
  • Made in the USA

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